I sleep on the flannel side and my husband sleeps on the cotton side. We are both thrilled with this solution to the common problem of the wife always being cold, the husband always being hot! I can’t think of anything I’d improve…We love them the way they are! – Katie H.

The sheets are so comfortable. The cotton is very soft and the flannel is a cozy material. I use the flannel top, and my husband has the flannel bottom. I have the cool, cotton bottom which I love, and he has the top for the same reason. – Deena C.

I love that the sheets can be switched either way on your bed, you can go from cotton to flannel and they wash and wear so very well. You cannot feel the seams. I love the color and size choices, too. We use the sheets year round. – Todd R.

OppoSheets® are extremely high quality. The sheets are soft and durable. I think nearly everyone will find OppoSheets® to be a better option than traditional sheets. I highly recommend OppoSheets® for anyone seeking a top of the line bedding product! - Brandon R.

I like that OppoSheets® provide a practical solution to an age-old dilemma for all people experiencing lighter sleep patterns with body temperature changes adding to restless sleep, and that this solution is natural. – Kathy C.

I was pregnant with our 4th child and was considering purchasing an expensive mattress to accommodate my sleeping needs. I never did buy an expensive mattress, as I didn’t need one anymore. My half-and-half sheets, OppoSheets®, are the only ones that hit the bed these days. Lost are the days that my husband needs to ‘warm up’ my side of the bed. – Stephanie H.

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